Little Italy Comes to Westchester (With a Not-So-Little Festival)

The Yorktown Feast of San Gennaro is transplanting one of New York City’s oldest cultural festivals.

Photos courtesy of Tom Pomposello & Yorktown San Gennaro Festival

The patron saint of Naples will be honored in Yorktown next week, beginning on Wednesday, September 11, with five days of fun, food, and good, old-fashioned community revelry, including a traditional procession.

For the uninitiated, San Gennaro was not the inspiration for a truly excellent episode of Black Mirror. Saint Januarius was a Third Century Bishop of Naples who is believed to have died a martyr for harboring Christians during the Great Persecution by Roman Emperor Diocletian. Festivals and a spirit of charity surrounding his memory and holy relics have centered around his feast day of September 16 since at least the 14th Century, with the first U.S. celebration held in New York City in 1926 by Italian immigrants who congregated on Mulberry Street in what became known as Little Italy.

Michael DiCostanzo's grandparents settled on Mulberry Street and every year he and his family helped run their sausage-and-pepper booth at the festival. After moving North into the Hudson Valley, DiCostanzo held a few smaller festivals before approaching longtime friend and Yorktown Rotarian Tom Pomposello. Working with Mary Gandolfi-Capoccia, Executive Assistant to then-Town Supervisor Michael Grace, the pair secured a meeting to propose the town’s own San Gennaro festival in 2015. They managed to plan the entire affair in just six weeks.

“Without the Grace administration and the support of the local community this wouldn't happen," Pomposello says.

Now in its fifth year, the feast has grown tremendously: 2016’s attendance was estimated at about 20,000 attendees over only four days, including Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, who blessed the procession’s statue of Saint Januarius. This year the procession, which is on Thursday, will be led by Grand Marshall Judge Salvatore A. Lagonia of Yorktown. 

Following Thursday’s procession, a street festival full of traditional food, music, and games will be held down the length of Commerce Street from Kear Street to Downing Drive, a stretch of road which has been ceremonially renamed for the month “San Gennaro Way.”


Entertainment will once again this year include musical acts Class Action and headliner Louis Vanaria, as well as live DJs, traditional Italian dance, and classic rides and games. Food is being provided by several local eateries, among them San Gennaro sausage & peppers, Peroni and Oak Beverages, and Bobo's gelato. About a dozen booths will also be reserved for local charities, non-profits, and schools like St. Elizabeth Anne Seaton (always free of charge, of course). “You can only take so much from this world, you gotta give some back,” Pomposello says. “Why not give back to the less fortunate?”

In that vein, guests should definitely stop by the St. Patrick’s Church which will once again be fundraising by selling “Nonna Sorgie’s Famous Zappole.

The Fifth Annual Yorktown Feast of San Gennaro will be held from Wednesday, September 11 through Sunday, September 15. Guests are invited to join with family and friends in celebrating Italian heritage and local community.

“That's what the world needs right now,” Pomposello says, “a lot of love and a lot of togetherness.”

Yorktown Feast of San Genarro

Wed through Fri 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Sat noon to 11 p.m.
Sun noon to 10 p.m.



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