Chef Peter X. Kelly Promises to Bring Comfort and Luxury to Wine & Food Fest

The renowned chef and restauranteur will be serving a savory braised short rib of beef at our Evening With Westchester's Tastemakers.


Alas, we are one month away from our much-anticipated Wine & Food Festival. With five nights to look forward to, one continues to stand out – An Evening with Westchester’s Tastemakers. Returning attendees are no stranger to Chef Peter X. Kelly, who will be preparing this year's fourth course, a savory braised short rib of beef crusted with onion and chili. Whether you’ve had the pleasure of dining at the wondrous X20 Xaviars on the Hudson, or you’ve simply watched the renowned chef on Food Network, Peter X. Kelly is a name you want to know.


You’re no stranger to the Wine and Food Festival. What has been your favorite part of being a Tastemaker year after year?
Having the opportunity to showcase Westchester as a dining destination.

What inspired your Braised Short Rib of Beef dish?
I wanted to present a dish that felt comforting and luxurious at the same time.

What sets your dish apart from the rest?
I don't know that my dish sits apart from others but I hope it reflects what I try to do every day at my restaurants.

Why did you choose to pair the dish with Beaulieu Vineyards Cabernet?
BV Vineyards is one of the great Cabernet producers in the world. Their location in the heart of Napa produces velvety wines that pair extremely well with the richness of my Short Ribs.

What can diners expect from the night as a whole? 
An evening of great food paired with world class wines in a stunning setting at the Ritz Carlton White Plains.


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