The Luisa Fuentes and Sean Michael Faherty Wedding

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February 20, 2010

Photography by Ro Rappa

Oftentimes, real life can imitate fiction. Case in point: When Harry Met Sally is a romantic comedy depicting two strangers who find themselves meeting time and again, moving into friendship, then a romantic relationship, then back out, then back in.

This newly wedded Westchester couple also shared an unusually long and circuitous friendship with their love-struck paths almost crossing over the years, from state to state, year to year, and from one missed opportunity to the next. Well, as the old adage suggests: almost doesn’t count accept in bocce ball, right?

On the contrary, according to this happy couple, it also counts in horseshoes, archery, and, as it turns out, in the fateful courtship between these two.

The bride explains, “We became friends at Boston College eighteen years ago, when we were both involved with other people. We dated each other for a few years in our early twenties and, though it did not work out, we managed to stay good friends over the years. Five years ago, when both of us were living in Manhattan, we reconnected and quite naturally rekindled our relationship.”

While vacationing in romantic Tulum, Mexico, last year, the groom, knowing that it was truly about time, dropped down on one knee and proposed. With so much sweat equity invested (albeit, a true labor of love for both of them) how could a woman refuse?

They both wanted a winter wedding and were looking for something elegant for their reception that was also warm and welcoming. The C.V. Rich Mansion in White Plains was a perfect match to their vision. “The fireplaces, library, and ballroom were huge selling points,” Luisa says. “There was plenty of room to mingle and it felt like we were in someone’s home.”

The wedding ceremony took place at the Church of the Annunciation in Crestwood last February, the couple redeeming themselves in their friends’ and families’ eyes, once and for all proving that every good decision, even for these two, need not take years and years.

As the best man said in his speech, “When Sean and I met in college, the Berlin Wall was still up and no one had heard of the Internet, email, or global warming. After many years of ‘will they, won't they’, the wedding was a much-anticipated event by mutual friends and family, not to mention the bride and groom.”

Congratulations Luisa and Sean. All good things do come to those who wait.

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