The Nadia Pinedo & Matthew Fante Wedding

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Born and raised in Peru, Nadia Pinedo had her heart set on becoming an architect. When it came time to select an internship, Nadia chose to broaden her horizons and pursue an opportunity in the United States. She completed her internship and was then offered a job at a different company. With a heavy heart and an ambitious soul, she went for a job here, promising herself an eventual return to her beloved Peru where all of her friends and family awaited her.

One fortuitous night, Nadia ventured out with a group of friends. They decided to stop at a bar in Nyack for last call. There she met Matthew, a “friend of a friend” who had clearly indulged in one too many. Even though he was tipsy, Matthew recognized a wonderful lady when he saw one, so he worked up the nerve and asked Nadia out right then and there. Though her first instinct was to refuse, she noticed a sincerity and honesty in Matthew’s eyes. Surprising herself, she went with her gut and accepted.

As it turns out, Nadia’s instincts served her well. During a very special first dinner date, Matt opened up to Nadia, sharing that he was a recent widower and single parent to his four-year-old son, Luke. This captured Nadia’s heart straight away. Add to that Matt’s natural sweetness, his old-fashioned values, and his chivalrous gestures, and Nadia was completely smitten.

After a glorious nine-month, the couple, together with Luke, flew to Peru, where all of Nadia’s loved ones were waiting with open arms to meet not one, but the two new men in Nadia’s life. That was just the beginning. One month later, Matthew carefully crafted a ruse to propose marriage by surprise, taking Nadia back to Bourbon Street; the very bar in which they met. He arranged for two dozen roses, chocolate-covered strawberries, candles, white wine, and a photographer at a table near where he asked her to dinner for the first time. When Matt dropped down on one knee, without as much as a pause, Nadia blurted out: “You already know the answer.” They celebrated afterward with dinner at the Castle on the Hudson in Tarrytown, where they both resided.

The couple was married at { St. John the Evangelist in White Plains; naturally, Matt’s son was his best man. Their wedding reception followed in the ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton, Westchester, also in White Plains. The bride wore a simple classic ball gown with a sweetheart neckline, chosen from the Vineyard Collection of Priscilla of Boston. The ballroom was adorned with all things purple and silver. Matt, a musician, did a special appearance with his band and played a number of songs in serenading his bride. The bride and groom wanted their wedding to be a mix of their cultures. Since many of their guests were Spanish-speaking, they had two versions of the programs (one in English, one in Spanish) and a bilingual ceremony. The couple incorporated some traditional Peruvian foods at the reception, Pisco Sours were poured, and one of the cold appetizers was a classic ceviche, popular Peruvian specialties.

Even though it was a personal choice, sometimes I wondered why I had to move from Peru to the United States, leaving family and friends behind,” Nadia says. “Now I know; I had to meet Matt. I can’t wait to start our life together!”

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