The Lauren Turchioe and Nick Lashinsky Wedding

Meet newlyweds Lauren Turchioe and Nick Lashinsky

Photography by Maggie Heinzel-Neel

There’s nothing like a tornado during a wedding to break the ice between guests. “The weather could have potentially ruined the day, but everyone was so amazing and we all took it in stride,” Lauren says.

The two met on a double-date that Nick had been dragged to at a restaurant in Mahopac where Lauren was waitressing at the time. Four years later on a vacation together in Martha’s Vineyard, Nick proposed on a romantic sunset stroll along the beach. “We both like to hike and love spending our time outdoors," she says, "so when it came time to planning our wedding, we knew that that was going to be an important theme for us.”

After looking at about six locations, they came upon the Boscobel House and Gardens in Garrison. “I started crying hysterically, because I knew we had found our place. It has such beautiful gardens and an outstanding view overlooking the Hudson River and the staff was absolutely the best.”

Flowers were another big part of the day. “There were large poppies on the invitations for the engagement party and wedding and each table had three arrangements on them. We had pictures of the two of us on every table at the age coinciding with the table numbers.”

The favors were live pine tree seedlings that they wrapped in a small burlap bag to remind their guests both of their wedding, as well as something that would stay alive and grow with time.

Originally they wanted a small and private wedding that was more like a semi-formal garden party, however, being that they both were from large families, the final head count increased to 163 people. “We were still able to keep the day intimate," she says, "even with the large number of guests.”

Lauren and Nick wrote their own vows for the ceremony, as well as included a hand ceremony for an added special touch. Wanting to keep the day both relaxed and formal at the same time, they opted for one traditional Bible reading and one reading from Dr. Seuss.

During the ceremony there were a couple of sprinkles and they were able to take all of their pictures outside. But as soon as the photos were completed, the heavens opened up on them. “It was like the scene in Titanic where the musicians are playing while the ship is going down. I grabbed my husband and started running for cover!” All of their guests followed suit.

“Everyone was soaked to the bone," Lauren says, "with their hair matted to their faces. My dress felt like it weighed 1,000 pounds.”

After the storm passed everyone returned to the tent, which, despite the strong winds and rain, was able to somehow remain intact.

“We all partied the rest of the night soaking wet with makeup running down our cheeks and our feet covered in mud, but everyone had a great time and we wouldn’t have changed a single thing about the day even with the crazy weather.”

Maggie Heinzel-Neel
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Boscobel House and Gardens
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Seed to Fruit with Nicole Mora
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The Dream Team Band
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The King’s Scribe
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Main Course
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Groom’s Cake
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