The Adam Dworkin and Dale Riedl Wedding

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Love can be complicated. Of this, no one can argue. In the case of Adam Dworkin and Dale Riedl, however, the falling in love part was easy. As they both attested, they just simply and naturally did. That said and done and despite these more progressive times, when it came to planning their official marriage and wedding, this gay couple knew full well that there would be many obstacles to overcome, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves—the fate and destiny part came first.

The two met back in 1999 while brunching with mutual friends at Time Café in Manhattan, but despite their instant connection, their stars were not in alignment. As circumstances would have it, in early 2000, Adam was headed to England on a two-year assignment, forcing a hiatus before the relationship could even begin. While they emailed and corresponded when possible, they had no choice but to wait for Adam’s return to the states in 2002. After that, it was all systems go.

About a year and a half in, Dale and Adam bought a place to live together, confirming their commitment. With gay marriage laws being so capricious, rather than planning the legal specifics and long-term issues of living together, the couple chose instead to focus exclusively on their relationship. From there, they were confident the rest would follow.

And it did.

In March 2008, the two walked into a Robert Talbott in Manhattan and bought each other rings. Then they enjoyed an intimate Champagne toast and, the very next day, began to tell their closest friends.

On September 17 of this year, Dale and Adam exchanged vows in front of a Justice of the Peace in Greenwich, Connecticut. Close family and friends witnessed this long-awaited ceremony. Two days later, a wedding dinner and reception followed at Blue Hill at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills.

“The place resonated with us for a number of reasons,” Dale says. “Having grown up on a farm in Kansas, there was that immediate connection.” And since both men love good food and wine, the spectacular cuisine served at Blue Hill sealed the deal.

After a magnificent feast, Dale and Adam toasted each other in front of 72 honored guests. But, true to form, the happy couple saved the best news for last, announcing that they were expecting a baby via a surrogate in Minnesota (who is now 21 weeks along and counting). This was, of course, met with shouts of joy, surprise, and congratulations. Eventually the crowd calmed down, but not for very long. Taking a dramatic pause, Dale added that actually the two were going to be the proud parents of twins!

Happily ever after times two. Congratulations guys and many happy returns!

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