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Westchester's Pop Culture

A Final Thought on Weddings

Last week, I lamented that weddings aren't great for popular culture. Movies and TV shows about weddings are often the worst examples of the form.

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First Chelsea, Now Me: Poptional Weddings

I'm not at my desk this week because I'm off gettin' myself hitched. If all goes well, by the time you read this, I'll be away on my honeymoon.

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Getting in the Vampire Business


Rent at the Westchester Broadway Theatre

Sure, it's all about living a gritty, artist’s life in New York City, but the musical Rent is just as much about the suburbs as it is about the city—at least in subtext.


We Still Inspire

It's no secret that our area is an inspiration to artists—the Hudson River School, anyone? But with just a little bit of research, I've confirmed that we’ve still got it when it comes to the inspiration department.


Short Cuts


What Do Canadians think of The Suburbs?

Today, Canadian indie-rock band the Arcade Fire releases their newest album.


11 Things You May Not Know About Mad Men

Sunday saw the much-awaited return of Mad Men. And, while the show is off answering one big question—who is Don Draper?—we found out the answers to some Mad Men questions you didn't even have to ask.


Local Rising Star

With another hot week anticipated, what are you going to do for your air-conditioned entertainment?


Who Watched the World Cup?

Did you watch the World Cup final on Sunday? Chances are, you did. Though the numbers haven't been finalized, FIFA estimates that 700 million people across the globe tuned in to see Spain beat the Netherlands.

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Is 3D Unavoidable?

In an earlier blog post, I warned you that not all 3D is created equal. There are lots of reasons to skip the flashier 3D film for the plain ol' 2D version.


Anything Good on Summer TV?

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World Cup: Waka What?

World Cup fever is in full swing. I shamefully admit that I know next to nothing about sports. (And, as an American, I don't even have to pretend I know the rules of soccer 90 percent of the time.)


Awesome '80s Movies?


YA Books (You'll Want to Steal)

The school year is winding down. My friends who are teachers have said that the end-of-year hysteria has come over their students, and that teaching has become especially difficult.


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