We Lose the Boring Emmys

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Want to know the 2012 Emmy results? Homeland, Modern Family, and Game Change. Chances are, whatever category you're thinking of, the winner came from one of those shows.  (Fine, you can see a real complete list of winners at Vulture.)

That doesn't bode well for locals. Mad Men, with its Westchester setting, walked away without a single award. Considering it had 17 nominations, that's a pretty spectacular shutout.

Our actors were similarly helpless against the big juggernauts. Dobbs Ferry's Max Greenfeld, who plays the rascally Schmidt on New Girl, was up against most of the cast of Modern Family. I thought they might split the vote, giving Schmidt the win, but Eric Stonestreet, who plays Modern Family's Cam, walked away with the prize. (We still love you, Schmidt!) Similarly, Bedford's Glenn Close and her plum role on Damages couldn't best Claire Danes's starring turn on Homeland.

I did spot manager and past Emmy winner Emily Gerson Saines of Larchmont in the crowd, sitting next to Palisades native Hayden Panettiere, client, presenter, and star of Nashville. That's really the closest thing we have to a winner.

I'm not sure why Emmy voters don't like to spread it around more. Not only do Emmy voters seem to take one show and vote for it in every category—as the Homeland and Modern Family sweeps can attest—they often choose the same nominees year after year. All four Modern Family actors were nominated last year, for example. Bryan Cranston lost to Homeland's Damian Lewis this year, but he won for Breaking Bad in 2008, 2009, and 2010 (and the show didn't air in 2011, so it was ineligible, or I'm guessing he would've won again). This is one thing the Oscars have over the Emmys: The movies are different every year, so we don't keep seeing the same nominees and winners over and over.

What was your favorite Emmy win? Let me know in the comments.


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