September 2010

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Westchester's Pop Culture

The Social Network Connection

Facebook, eternal time-waster that it is, is all about making superficial connections, right?


New TV: Winners and Losers

This week marks the unofficial start of the new TV season.


A Final Thought on Weddings

Last week, I lamented that weddings aren't great for popular culture. Movies and TV shows about weddings are often the worst examples of the form.

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First Chelsea, Now Me: Poptional Weddings

I'm not at my desk this week because I'm off gettin' myself hitched. If all goes well, by the time you read this, I'll be away on my honeymoon.

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Westchester's Pop Culture

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Marisa LaScala
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Articles Editor Marisa LaScala joined Westchester Magazine in 2003, and ever since she's blown every paycheck at the Greenburgh Multiplex. She also staunchly defends Richard Kelly, doesn't mind spoiling the endings of trashy movies you're curious about but don't want to pay to see, wishes the Hold Steady would come and rock out Westchester, misses Arrested Development more than anyone can imagine, and still watches cartoons and Saturday Night Live. You can find more of her cultural criticism at, where she is a staff writer.

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