Update: Alamo Drafthouse is Totally Coming to Yonkers!

Earlier, I wondered if Yonkers was going to be the next spot to get an Alamo Drafthouse cinema.  Now, word comes from on high that, yes, this is totally happening!

"Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is pleased to announce its plans for a second Alamo location in the New York City area in Yonkers, NY," read the annoucement in a press release. "Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers is slated to open during the 2012 holiday season at 2500 Central Park Avenue.

'In our hometown of Austin, Texas we have five Alamo Drafthouse locations. Similarly, we have plans to open up multiple neighborhood theaters to serve different areas of the metroplex. We are excited to get to know and become a part of Yonkers with our second New York location,' says Tim League, CEO & Founder of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema."

The cinema is moving into the old Bob's furniture store on Central Avenue, near the Regal UA Movieland that just recently shut down. The theater will have six screens, in addition to a full kitchen and bar. (Oh, and they're hiring, too. See the press release for how to apply.)

This is very exciting news. As I mentioned earlier, the Alamo Drafthouse is not just notable for serving (good!) food and drinks during the movie. The chain is known for caring about the way movies are presented (so no slightly-out-of-focus, dim, or muffled pictures), and they care about the way movies are experienced (don't make us post the no-texting PSA again). This is a great thing for movie geeks. "Those in the know (but not living in Yonkers) will be biting their knuckles, well aware that the Drafthouse offers one of the best movie-watching experiences in America," Complex reports. "Excellent programming, draft beer, food. Folks using phones get tossed. This is how it should be."

Which is why other areas are envious. As Gothamist points out, Yonkers will have both an Alamo Drafthouse and an Apple store before the borough of Brooklyn. The new development caused them to write, "we await the inevitable 'Yonkers is the 6th borough' trend piece in the Sunday Styles section." Don't be jealous, Gothamist.

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