Zuckerberg's Big Comedic Break

The Oscar hype machine rolls on, and, though The King's Speech may be the front-runner, there's no denying the momentum surrounding The Social Network. To keep it going, Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg was dispatched to host last weekend's Saturday Night Live. And, joining him on stage was a familiar face: Mark Zuckerberg, whom Eisenberg portrayed in the movie. SNL cast member Andy Samberg gets in on the action, too, showcasing his own Zuckerberg impression. (Bobby Moynihan, another local, having grown up in Eastchester, sadly doesn't make an appearance—he really is one of the funniest cast members on the show right now.) Take a look at how the monologue went down:

Zuckerberg certainly seems game, but, when it comes to comedic delivery, I think he should stick to being an Internet billionaire. And, since his acting skills are not that good, that on-stage awkwardness between him and Jesse Eisenberg must be real.

What did you think of the appearance? Let me know in the comments.

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