Home Improvement Advice: Tune Into WVOX's Building Work Show, Hosted By Michael Dick, Owner of Building Work Contracting in Larchmont, NY

Are you about to embark on a home-improvement project, trying to resolve specific issues like chronic basement drainage problems, or searching for the most cost-effective approach to a kitchen or bathroom renovation? Tuning in to WVOX (1460 AM or online at wvox.com) on Tuesdays at 5 pm for the Building Work Home Show, may give you the answers you’re seeking. The weekly half-hour home-improvement radio show (now in its fourth successful month) is the brainchild of contractor Michael Dick, owner of his the 25-year-old, Larchmont-based Building Work Contracting. “The radio show was a way to promote my business and share home-improvement knowledge with the Westchester community,” says Dick. “A friend thought I’d be good on the radio because I used to be an actor, and WVOX liked the idea.” Recent guests have included a kitchen designer who talked through the steps of planning a kitchen renovation, and a real estate expert, who gave advice on financing and bank-owned properties. Upcoming topics and guests: installing a French drain (a solution to that chronic drainage problem); an interior decorator from Noreen Interiors; an exterminator returns to discuss a less glamorous, but popular, topic among listeners; and a plumbing contractor delves into radiant heating, which Dick describes as “extremely cost effective.” During the show, Dick shares the real-time renovation of his partner’s (realtor, foreclosure specialist, and host of Gameface on ESPN radio Cisco Reccy ofHasselt Real Estate) kitchen and bathroom “at the lowest possible budget”, including a running tally of the costs involved. Weekly features include listings from one to three bank-owned properties along with Dick’s price quote for getting the property into move-in condition, and responding to call-in questions. For more information, follow Michael Dick on Facebook/Building Work Contracting (including the progress in work and costs of the kitchen and bath renovation project) or contact him at (914) 419-3812.

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