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New Rochelle's Carlo's Dishes Up Tasty Original Specialty Pies

Yet more beautifully crusted pizza to sample in the Queen City

The Hanukkah Desserts You Have to Pick Up This Holiday Season

By the Way Bakery has seasonal kosher pareve treats that are perfect for your Festival of Lights celebration

5 Edible (and Local!) Hostess Gifts We Love

Any one of these will ensure an invite to next year’s party

This Ossining Farm Is Bringing Farm-Fresh Food to Westchester

Free-range eggs, fresh produce, and handmade soaps are all on the table from local farm Fable

It's About That Time for X2O’s Holiday Cabaret

High cuisine and wine, high (and some low) humor, festive music, plus the Kelly brothers dressed in drag

Captain Lawrence Brewery Gets a Food Makeover

Scott Vaccaro has the brewing down; now, with the hire of a fulltime executive chef, comes food to match

Peruvian Cuisine Swelling in White Plains

Peru is often touted as the culinary hotspot of South America, and the cuisine of the country — ceviche, stir-fried beef with potatoes, rotisserie chicken, and purple corn pudding — is suddenly burgeoning in White Plains

Port Chester's T&J Reopens in a Larger Space

The family-owned restaurant is excited to expand into a new space, with ample parking available, a party space, and an outdoor patio

7 Definitive Pie Crust Tips

Whether making your first Turkey Day pie or your 50th, take heed this crust-licious advice.

These Macarons From Woops! May Be The Ultimate Secret Santa Gift

Pastel-colored pastries that come in most any color of the rainbow — just don’t confuse them with coconut-based macaroons popular on Jewish holidays

Do You Know What These 9 Common Turkey Terms Mean?

We're decoding everything from frozen to free-range to heritage turkeys

7 Perfect Pies for Thanksgiving

A pie for every palate – what else do you need?

Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?

We've got the lowdown from a culinary historian on the specific foods associated with Thanksgiving

Celebrated Cronut-Maker Dominique Ansel’s Definitive Dessert Tasting

For sweet-tooths, a dream lineup at the NYC Wine and Food Fest

Bronxville's Blue Moon Mexican Café Spices Things Up

Their new menu includes sautéed cauliflower tacos, aged tequila, and a burger that is unabashedly named “Loco”

The Best Way to Eat Your Election Feelings Away

Consuming a whole bunch of cupcakes seems like an appropriate response

Tuckahoe Gets New Coffee and Sweets Shop

From her childhood in Napa Valley to a owning sweets business in Westchester County, Cindy Bothweil bakes with family tradition, seasonal ingredients, and ingenuity

Mario’s in Chappaqua Adds Delicious Gourmet Pies

The 50+-year-old slice shop gets creative with its new wood-burning oven.

This Larchmont Restaurant Shares its Secret for Making Great Bagels

Chef Matthew Karp on his foray into bagel-making, his favorite bagel memories, and more.

Meet the Local Doctor Who Takes Care of Bees

An MD has turned his passion for all things beekeeping into a family business

Sinatra Knew Good Pizza

Reaching near 1,000°F, the coal oven at Patsy’s in New Rochelle is doing right by founder Pasquale “Patsy” Lanceri

Don’t Adjust Your Monitor—Yes, That’s a Purple Chocolate Chip Cookie

Rainbow-colored bagels are a bit passé. One Scarsdale entrepreneur is betting the color wheel on chocolate chip cookies.

Smoking Slow and Low in Hawthorne

Dry rub barbecue in a setting of community picnic tables, brick walls, and pink pig statues

5 Delectable Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Menus to Try

Here are our best bets for dining on the cheap for the next two weeks
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