This Secret Menu Pizza Panini Is What Dreams Are Made Of

It’s called The Pressado, it's from Amore, and it’s straight up delish.

photo courtesy of enormous creative

What do you get when you take pizza dough, bake it, fold it over, stuff it with melty fillings, and crisp it in a panini press? At Amore in Armonk, you get The Pressado, a secret-menu sandwich that mixes the best elements of a pizza (lots of cheese, that perfect pizza-dough chew) with the best parts of a panini (savory fillings and a crisp exterior). “We’re always trying new and different things,” says owner Mark Mazzotta. “The Pressado has been a secret-menu item at Amore for a while now, and it’s developing a loyal following.” The Primo Amore, a simple mozzarella pie filled with prosciutto, fig jam, arugula, and aged balsamic, is popular, but you can do this pizza-panini hybrid with anything from classic pizza toppings to spicy Buffalo chicken. Check out how it’s made below. 




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