Poll Round 4: What's the Best Halloween Candy?

We're down to the Final Four in our quest to uncover Westchester County's favorite Halloween candy!

We've reached the semi-finals!

Numbers are back from the quarter-finals, and the public has spoken (loudly)! We won't delay you any further, just remember to vote your new picks from this round to go onto the Finals next week, then check out the full breakdown of the votes below. We'll announce the Ultimate Champion just before Halloween!

This round of voting is over, but you can see the winners here.

In the Chocolate Conference, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups beat out Kit-Kat in just a bit more than a 60-40 split, while Snickers humbled the Hershey Bar 65-35. The two will now go head-to-head to see which will win the Peanut Pennant! 

In the Non-Chocolate Division, Twizzlers squeaked past Starbursts with just shy of 57 percent of the vote, and Tootsie Roll Pop faired surprisingly well against Smarties, raking up a solid 62.5 percent. These two sugary behemoths will square off to see who takes home the Confectionary Crown!




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