October 2012

EDP Offers Side-to-Side Asian (in a Sea of Pan Asian) at H-Mart; the Dalboso Family Vineyards at Plates; Sublime Sliders at MP Taverna!


EDP Crashes the NO WOMEN/WORK Wine Group; Celebrate Diwali with Chutney Masala; and Ashamed Donut Lovers: Beascakes Has Donuts That You Can Feel Good About!

Reader, put yourself in my shoes. You’re at a wine dinner at Crabtree’s Kittle House and, per usual, it’s a lavish meal punctuated by exquisite wines, so you’re really suffering. Now, on this late summer evening, the wines were furnished by Anderson’s Conn Valley River and they were presented by the vineyard’s winemaker, Todd Anderson, a tall, very funny man who wears cowboy boots and an oval cowboy belt buckle.


Little Kabab Station: Not So Little, Anymore; Wine vs. Beer at Birdsall House; DreamHome with Chef Peter Kelly and the Kittle House; and It’s Duck Fat Potatoes at Harper’s

Earlier this year, when I reviewed Little Kabab Station, it was still barely a toehold on Mount Kisco’s Main Street. Its 12 or so seats meant that LKS was part restaurant (and mostly take-out counter), but it turns out that LKS’s stylish version of Indian food struck a chord with local diners.


First Taste of Bedford’s New TRUCK; Vitticio Winemaker’s Dinner at Restaurant X; and Food World Shocker: Rainbeau Ridge to Lose Lisa Schwartz to Beijing!

First Taste of Bedford’s New TRUCK, Vitticio Winemaker’s Dinner at Restaurant X, and Food World Shocker: Rainbeau Ridge to Lose Lisa Schwartz to Beijing!


Oktoberfests (or, Why Drinking Beer Makes You a Better Person

People, just look at you. There you are with your cocktails, necking loudmouth soup as fast as you can hoist those tumblers. And you wine people, you’re no better, polishing your expensive, dusty bottles. Admit it: Though you avidly post pictures of your costly quaffs on Facebook, what you’d prefer to post is a screenshot of your stock portfolio, which would be way more expressive of how you’re living.


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