We Tasted the Sriracha Ice Cream at Blue Walrus

Spicy candy is the latest craze, and apparently so is… spicy soft serve.

Photos By Dylan Rubinstein

Last year, Pleasantville’s Blue Walrus decided to spice things up and start serving Sriracha ice cream. “Sriracha [ice cream] came about because I was watching a TV show and they were making a Sriracha donut,” says owner Laura Lofaro. “I thought to myself, that is pretty nasty. My daughter told me that, in the city, that stuff was trendy and that people liked it, so I [thought] I’d see what I could do.”

Naturally, it took off. As Lofaro’s daughter predicted, Blue Walrus’ Sriracha soft serve created quite the buzz on social media, with everyone daring to try the exotic flavor. I will admit, I was slightly nervous as I could not even begin to picture what it would taste like. To my pleasant surprise, the Sriracha actually went well with its vanilla base and was the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, with a kick after each bite. 

“It took off and people loved it,” Lofaro explains. “We decided to bring it back this year for summer. People come in and they can’t even imagine the flavor. They’ve been waiting to try something like this.” We dare you to try it too.


Blue Walrus
351 Manville Rd

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