Eat With Your Eyes: Breakfast At Armonk's Beehive Restaurant

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Breakfast At The Beehive

Best part about The Beehive restaurant's breakfast menu? It’s not relegated to the distant corridors of Saturday and Sunday—you can get it any day of the week. We stopped by the Armonk mainstay the other day for a sampling, and we’re happy to report that the offerings—which range from traditional eggs Benedict and Challah French toast to house-made granola with Greek yogurt and a decadent, baked-on-site crumb cake—are as good as they look in the following photos. Here are five great picks from The Beehive's menu.

The Beehive
30 Old Rte 22
(914) 765-0688;

Cuisine: New American, but with more than a few Greek-inspired dishes

Prices: Breakfast offerings range between $6 to $12

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