Try 'Hell Hath No Fury,' a Brew Celebrating Women in the Beer Industry

Broken Bow Brewery has teamed up with local farmers to create a women’s beer that is dark, spicy, and won’t leave your palate scorned.

What do you get when you take a double stout and add five kinds of peppers to it? Hell Hath No Fury, an exclusive brew by Broken Bow Brewery that celebrates women in the beer and farming industries.

Kasey LaMothe, partner and head of quality control and microbiology at Broken Bow, is also a member of the Pink Boots Society, a group of women in the beer industry. Hell Hath No Fury was born last year when the brewery hosted the first Women in Beer event during Hudson Valley Craft Beer Week.

Photo courtesy Kasey LaMothe

Hell Hath No Fury is essentially a spicier, double version of the brewery’s Broken Heart stout.

“We ended up brewing a double Broken Heart stout with cocoa nibs, coffee, and five different types of peppers,” LaMothe says of how Broken Bow commemorated the event.

The peppers are what make Hell Hath No Fury special; in the first edition, there’s shishito, African fish (which is endangered), cayenne, lemon drop, and oda purple bell.

Local, female-owned and operated farms in the Hudson Valley grew all five. “We all got together, and before we came up with the recipe, it was a brainstorming session,” LaMothe says. “We settled on peppers as the one ingredient everyone had and would go well together [in the beer].”

Surprisingly, LaMothe said that no one at Broken Bow is particularly fond of pepper beers, and she and her brother, the head brewer, eventually decided to put both coffee and chocolate in the special brew. The double stout could handle all five peppers, and is high in alcohol.

On naming the brew, LaMothe doesn’t remember exactly who came up with the name or when. “It’s basically feminine that we could put into a beer,” she adds. At first a fun project, Broken Bow fans could not get enough when it debuted last fall, and the latest batch was brewed in January.

Hell Hath No Fury is on tap for a limited time at Broken Bow Brewery, located at 173 Marbledale Road in Tuckahoe.

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