Watch: Chef Dave DiBari Makes The Parlor's Dough-Wich

A drool-inducing video of the assembly of this pizza-meets-ice-cream-sandwich concoction.

Introducing The Dough-wich, an ice cream sandwich meets ice cream sundae meets pizza, all assembled table side at The Parlor in Dobbs Ferry. "We've always wanted a dessert pie on the menu but couldn't get excited about yet another pizza topped with Nutella," says Chef David DiBari. Instead, he slices open a "magic puff" of pizza dough and fills it with a dozen scoops of Jane's vanilla ice cream and house-made toppings like bacon-caramel corn, Nutella crunch, and Nutella chocolate sauce (because one type of Nutella is not enough). Yes, you'll have to find 3 friends to order it (The Dough-wich serves 4), but we doubt that'll be a big struggle once you see it. Check it out below.






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