Diet Co-- and Other Unfortunate Real-Life Menu Mishaps and Misspellings

What not to write on your menu.

Menu Faux Pas  

Okay so you went into the culinary arts, not the art of being an English teacher. I get it. But that’s all the more reason to run a spell check on your menu before you click the print button. In all my dining out-experiences, below are some of the menu misspellings I’ve come across.

Not a salad.

Desert (Dessert): This is one of the most common—and the most easily goofed upon. “I’ll have a Gobi and my date will try the Sahara. Extra-dry sand on mine and extra blistering sand on hers please. And hold the water.” 

Linquini (Linguine/Linguini): Linguine means “little tongues” in Italian. Linquini? You got me on that one.

Foul (Fowl): I believe the owner of this restaurant was a big sports fan but still…

Pork Lion (Loin): There are certain animals too majestic to eat. A lion would be one of them.   

Cappucino/Capuccino (Cappuccino): One probably shouldn’t drink a cappuccino at a business that gets the spelling wrong. Plus, native Italians get steaming mad at this mispelling.   

Expresso (Espresso): Expresso, when Googled, seems to only be a Portuguese newspaper or a Microsoft Office "workspace." These things are not drinkable.

Cesar Salad (Caesar Salad): There’s Cesar Romero, who played The Joker from the 1960s Batman series. But a salad, nope.

Diet Co-- (Diet Coke): Unfortunate in so many ways. 



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