7 Macho Meals for Father’s Day in Westchester

These over-the-top eats are a perfect way to say “Thanks Dad” on Father’s Day — or any other day of the year.

Let's be honest, the last thing your dad needs this Father's Day is another tie or coffee table book about war you found in the clearance bin at Barnes & Noble. (Sorry, dad.) What your old man really wants is a gut-busting, mouthwatering, "I'm so glad I wore sweatpants out to dinner" meal worthy of his great manliness. To that end, here are our picks for seven of the biggest, sweetest, dad-liest dining options you can shower him with this June 16.


Photo courtesy Little B's

Baconator Sliders

Little B's, Tarrytown

What’s more macho than burgers, bacon, and beer? At Little B’s, they’re raising the stakes on the bacon cheeseburger by grinding bacon right into the burger patties, then topping the burger with cheddar cheese and (what else?) more bacon. Of course they’re sliders, so you can feel good about the small portions, right?


Photo courtest New York Firehouse Grill

Waiver Wings

New York Firehouse Grill, Peekskill

Wings just might be the quintessential dude food. If you like them spicy (really, really spicy), you’ve got to order the Waiver Wings at NY Firehouse Grille. The name says it all: They’re so hot you have to sign a waiver before you eat them, but you can also choose from more than 30 other varieties.


Photo courtesy Amore

All American Pizza

Amore, Armonk

Every fast-food pizza joint makes a meat lover’s pie, but for Father’s Day, you need something better than a delivery chain. At Amore, they’re giving this carnivorous pie a quality upgrade with five meats—fennel sausage, meatballs, ham, pepperoni, and pancetta—all from an authentic Italian butcher on Arthur Avenue.


Photo courtesy The Hudson Creamery

Quietman Sundae

The Hudson Creamery, Peekskill

What makes a manly dessert? Chocolate, stout, and whiskey! At The Hudson Creamery this decadent sundae features chocolate ice cream, Guinness-chocolate reduction, Jameson caramel sauce, almonds, and a Cadbury Flake Bar. If bigger is better, the Hudson Sundae—five scoops of ice cream, five toppings, and either a cookie or a brownie—is massively delicious.


Photo by Dave Zucker

The Whole Roast

The Rare Bit, Dobbs Ferry

Remember those old "Hungry Man" TV dinners that would advertize a pound of food per box? Well imagine that, but actual, slow-roasted beef melting in its own fat and with enough fresh sides to feed you for a week. That's The Whole Roast. The entire rib roast is cooked overnight after being dry-aged for 30 days (and you need to book your reservation at least five days in advance so it can all come together). The meal also includes chef's choice of appetizer and dishes like roasted carrots, Yorkshire pudding, and dessert to the tune of $100 per person and a six person minimum. (Wine and beer pairings are extra.) Go big or go home, right dads?


Photo by Dylan Rubintsein

Mega Milkshakes

Mount Kisco Diner, Mount Kisco

You're never too old to enjoy a good milkshake, and it certainly takes a grown-up to polish off one of these mighty behemoths. Mount Kisco Diner does up these perennial favorites with plenty of toppings, a surfeit of syrup, and embellishments from full cookies to cake pops. Calories don't count on Father's Day, after all.


Photo by Dave Zucker

Fudgie the Beer

Captain Lawrence + Carvel

Speaking of adults-only milkshakes … this "shouldn't-work-but-tastes-so-good" treat was an instant sell-out when the Elmsford brewer teamed up with local ice cream giant Carvel last year. This year the duo broke out new creations for St. Patrick's Day (Cookie Puss Birthday Beer and a festive stout Cookie O'Puss), but they're bringing back the original Father's Day concoction in a special limited batch this year. Blend the beer Fudgie with his cakey cousin and serve with whipped cream for a holiday treat that will delight dad and get him a little tipsy. The new wave of Fudgie is available regionally wherever Captain Lawrence beers are sold, but supplies are sure to be in high demand, so if you can find a pack be sure to snatch it up.




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