Tarry Lodge’s Summery Strawberry Crostata Is to Die For

Get this limited-time dessert while you can!

The strawberry crostata is fit for 2-4 people, but they can make it bigger for larger parties (and with more scoops of ice cream).

Photos by Andrew Dominick

At some point this summer, you’ve proudly held up your ice cream cone like it was the Olympic Torch and hashtagged it up for Instagram. (Ice cream is the quintessential summer dessert and it looks great in photos.) But whatever happened to fresh fruit desserts? It’s a summer thing, and there’s a damn good one that popped up on our radar recently at Tarry Lodge in Port Chester. Introducing the restaurant’s summer strawberry crostata. It’s seasonal, it’s bright, and don’t worry, there’s ice cream involved here, too.

If the term, “crostata” is foreign to you, think of it as a tart. It typically starts with pie dough made with butter or another fat (occasionally with ricotta cheese). It can be savory, filled with meat, seafood, and/or vegetables, or it can be sweet, filled with fruit, preserves, or a spread like Nutella.

Tarry Lodge’s version starts with a housemade dough that leans toward the savory side, working extremely well as a counterpart to the sugared, macerated sweetness of the strawberries. It’s topped with a drizzle of homemade strawberry syrup and scoop of Longford’s vanilla gelato.

You’ll find it available this summer only while strawberries are at their peak, so there’s no telling when it may make its way off the menu. Oh, and sorry Tarry Lodge Connecticut locations, this limited-edition dessert can only be had at the OG in Port Chester.


Tarry Lodge
18 Mill Street
Port Chester


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