National Marzipan Day—Time To Eat Your 'Fruits and Veggies'

Head to Boiano Bakery for a large selection of marzipan “produce.”

This is no ordinary Tuesday, my friends—it’s National Marzipan Day, the perfect excuse to go out and sink your teeth into…fruits and vegetables. The toothsome, fragrant almond paste confection is at its cutest masquerading as produce. Pick your own at Boiano Bakery in Mamaroneck (owned by the same person, Pat Colalillo, as Cosmo & Alex Deli next door). The precious little apples, oranges (with a leaf!), watermelon slices, chestnuts, ears of corn—you never know what you’ll find, or how many will be left—make a cheery present on a bleak midwinter day.

Nuts not an option? Persipan is a mock marzipan made with apricot or peach (Prunus persicus) kernels or soybeans instead of almonds. It's used as a cheap marzipan substitute in commercial baking (especially in Germany, its country of origin); pass it off as legit and risk getting busted by DNA testing (the pits!). You might find it online or tucked into a stollen around the holidays. Some people even prefer the flavor; others say it’s like apples and oranges.

Boiano Bakery
258 Mamaroneck Ave
(914) 698-2070



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