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You wouldn’t expect a positive online restaurant review to inspire a chef to change his entire menu, but that’s exactly what happened at Madison Kitchen in Larchmont. Two months ago, a simple Facebook review that said only “old school delish,” struck a chord with Executive Chef and Owner Nick Di Bona (pictured above).

“I am not old school,” Di Bona adamantly told a gathering of food bloggers at a tasting of his new menu recently. “I am fresh and contemporary and want to be seen that way.”

As he considered that review and how to change that perception (even though it may have been just one person’s pithy opinion), Di Bona realized that his guests were more often sharing several menu items than ordering their own, and he was quickly drawn to the idea of tapas. So, he wasted no time transferring his old offerings into a small plates menu, enthusiastic about the opportunity to experiment with the menu more frequently.      

The menu changed over to small plates by the end of 2015, and here are some of the items you may find (Di Bona’s menu will change depending on his whim, customer requests, and, of course, the season).

7 Madison Ave
(914) 732-3024

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