Porta Napoli + Walter’s = Hot Dog Pizza

Two great Westchester eateries have come together to think outside the bun

It’s as good as you think it would be.

Photos by Andrew Dominick

Occasionally, a restaurant will debut a new menu addition that’ll leave you thinking, “Are you serious?” But after the concept sinks in, you realize it might actually be incredible. That’s been the case for many who've come across pizza topped with hot dogs and fries, a pie that’s been popping up of late at Neapolitan joints in big cities. For Westchesterites, you won’t have to go far to get your fix or try one for the first time.

Porta Napoli in Harrison is whipping up these seemingly odd creations, but owner Roger Cappucci told us that in Naples, franks and fries are a common addition to a classic Margherita pizza. Initially, Cappuci set about using sliced Boar’s Head dogs and fresh-cut fries, but then his wheels started turning, and he realized it could be something so much more. 

Left to right-Roger Cappucci, Katharine Warrington Woodward, Sandra Cappucci, and Gene Christian Baca.

Cue a plot twist with a very local spin when Cappucci contacted Katharine Woodward and Gene Baca of Walter’s Hot Dog Stand and asked if they’d like to collaborate. Thus, a limited-edition legend was born.

The end result is Porta Napoli’s super light and oven-blistered dough topped with their house-made mozzarella, tomato sauce, and hearty slices of Walter’s pork/beef/veal hot dogs, curly fries, and fried-and-smashed potato puffs. From there, it’s put into a 900-degree wood-burning oven that gives the cheese-smothered fries some char. I’d recommend washing this salty, cheesy, carb-loaded creation down with an ice-cold beer or one of Porta Napoli’s mixed libations from their new cocktail menu.

The pizza will debut on August 10 at noon, and if you stop in on release day, they'll let you try one for free—but afterwards they will sell for $19 each.

And by the way, when you ask for one, ask for it by name: “The Walter’s.” How appropriate.

Porta Napoli

261 Halstead Ave., Harrison

(914) 732-3232






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