Cheese Guy Butters Up Customers With New Spreads

Yonkers businessman looks to earn more cheddar by expanding into a line of rustic crackers and sweet preserves

What better way to preserve your cheese brand than by adding unique spreads?

Photos courtesy of The Cheese Guy

Over the past two years, Brent Delman, more commonly known as Westchester’s Yonkers-based “Cheese Guy,” has teamed up with local companies and award winning jam-makers to present his customers with a new line of preserves and crackers. Check out the following recent additions to's menu, along with Delman's pairing suggestions for taking his aged kosher wedges to another level.


Apple & Maple Butter

This all-natural preserve was created with heirloom apples and Vermont maple syrup. “We decided to go with a terroir theme, or ‘taste of place,’ taking different products from the same region and pairing them together,” Delman explains. This sweet butter was primarily made to match the intensity of hard, sharp cheeses such as cheddars and aged Gouda.


Cranberry & Port Conserve

“Plump, juicy Vermont cranberries and rich New York Port Wine create the perfect balance of flavor,” says Delman. This conserve with accentuated, fruit-forward flavors pairs kindly with Alpine Style Swiss and Gruyere. It is also perfect around the holidays.


Strawberry & Vanilla Jam

The combination of Madagascar vanilla beans and ripe Vermont strawberries crafts a reduced-sugar, full-fruit taste. It is best matched with Brie, fresh goat cheese, or any other creamy variety. “You can also place the strawberry jam on top of a Brie rind to create a baked Brie,” suggests Delman.


Mango & Lemon Chutney

Delicate, green chilies paired with Indian Chutney, mangoes, and lemon invents a fresh taste with a Latin-style twist. “Because of the spices, it best pairs with spicy pepper jack or chipotle cheddar, and the flavor exudes,” says Delman. Goat cheese and pungent blues, such as Stilton and Roquefort, also create a tasty combination.


Rustic Italian Crackers

These appetizing crackers made in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy come in two varieties: Classic and Rosemary. “The shapes and flavors of the crackers were made to pair with and hold almost any cheese,” Delman promises. Spreadable cheeses work well, and can be combined with a drizzle or one of the above-profiled preserves.


The Cheese Guy’s products are now being sold at local farmers’ markets in Rye, Irvington, and New Rochelle, as well as local Mrs. Green’s and DeCicco’s locations

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