Sagra Del Maiale Pig Roast At Zuppa In Yonkers

Dig into succulent pork and hearty Italian fare at this authentic pig roast. Do we need to mention the draft beer?

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Okay so what business does Zuppa in Yonkers have in throwing a pig roast when they’re a contemporary Italian restaurant and not a barbecue joint? Well, because they did one last year at this time and it was pig-a-licious! (Or pork-lectable, whichever you prefer.)

The second annual Sagra Del Maiale (Festival of the Pig for those that don’t speak the Language of The Boot) takes place August 10 at Zuppa where $50 gets you spit-roasted whole pig, rolled pork belly porchetta, espresso-rubbed, slow-cooked pig ribs, savoy cabbage coleslaw with parsnips, paccheri cheese casserole (fat tube pasta in a five-cheese fondutta), Sardinian fregula with broccoli rabe and olives, Italian seven-bean salad, grilled veggie misto, fire-roasted fingerling potato with fire-charred scallions, Tuscan panzanella salad (cucumber, tomato, and olive oil-soaked ciabatta), chilled Summer Rose from Isola Dei Nuraghi in Sardegna, and flowing draft beers from Yonkers Brewing Co (Lager, IPA, Honey Blonde).

Call for reservations as there are limited spots. (914) 376-6500; 1 to 6 pm; $50. 



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