Ralph And Dave’s Gibson Martini Is Worth Hunting Down

The Gibson is a classic spin on the martini, and you can find a superb version served up in Verplanck.

Palmer Kane LLC / Shutterstock

Martinis seem to have gone the way of Sex and The City, which—after its glamorous, curse-filled run on HBO—was eventually relegated to commercial-studded syndication on basic cable stations, all of its joyous dirtiness edited to make room for Activia ads. Which is fine, because those Cosmos and Martinis started to look about as dated as those teetering Jimmy Choos and bake sale cupcakes sold at $5 per.

Happily, Martini drinkers have a new option to which none of that faded Sex and City glamor still clings: it’s the Gibson, a gin martini garnished with pearly white pickled onions. Look for an excellent Gibson made with Hendricks Gin, Florentino Extra-Dry Vermouth, and cocktail onions at Verplanck newcomer Ralph and Dave’s (914-930-1708).



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