Grape-Nuts Ice Cream At Mount Vernon Ice Cream Factory

Your local stop for Caribbean-style ice cream, baked goods, and more.

Kristen Taylor / Wikimedia Commons

People tend to either love or hate Grape-Nuts cereal. So an ice cream made with it? A friend wouldn't touch it, for fear of breaking a tooth. But in ice cream it turns chewy, staying just firm enough to hold its own, and it’s positively addictive—trust me.

Popular in—go figure—New England and the Caribbean, this ice cream is a novelty here. But you’ll find it, homemade, at Mount Vernon Ice Cream Factorywhich started as a Carvel franchise in 1954—not only in classic vanilla (the best), but in a panoply of “grapenutt” flavors including peach, eggnog, and pistachio, with a few soy-based choices. Also look for flavors like soursop and Guinness stout, smoothies made with Irish moss (a purported aphrodisiac), and loads of Caribbean baked goods, like the "cream-based cake" by the register—another love it (check!) or hate it thing.

Ice Cream Factory
408 East Sandford Boulevard, Mount Vernon
(914) 699-1349



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