BBQ Bash For Charity At The Kittle House, Plus Live Jazz Thursdays

Crabtree Kittle House's BBQ Bash offers a chance to partake in an extravagant selection of local food and drink.

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Chef Jay Lippin has hit the refresh button on Crabtree’s Kittle House in Chappaqua since returning a year ago (after winning an episode of Food Network's Chopped, among other things). And lest you think this place only does fancy-pants, he's a boss at barbecue, which you can now enjoy there the rest of the summer. At the fifth annual Team Amy BBQ lawn party on August 24, where the Amy Marie Crabtree Foundation presents checks to four charities, he’ll be shooting for the moon with ribs, sliders, steaks, summer salads and veggies, John Boy’s chicken, and wild sustainable seafood of every sort served with delicious wines (the cellar is legendary), Captain Lawrence beers, and Amy's signature sangria.

And keep in mind that every Thursday this summer is BBQ and Live Jazz Night, with a different barbecue combo plate paired with a different beer each week, and jazz singer Alexis Cole tickling the ivories.

Suggested donation for Team Amy BBQ $75; no donation required to attend. Reservations: (914) 666-8044.



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