April 2012

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Time to Change Your Wine Wardrobe, EDP Wants You! (to Tweet), and Killer Olive-Oil-Poached Atlantic Halibut at Xaviars at Piermont

Last week’s 90-degree day put me in a wino tailspin. At about 5pm, I poked around in our cellar (actually, our basement half-bath retrofitted with a crappy rack system) and couldn’t find a drop to drink. Here it was, April, and my wine collection was still wearing sweaters. What I was looking for was a potable T-shirt– which got me thinking: What sets summer wines apart from what you drink in, say, February? Obviously, you don’t want a titanic red on a hot day – you’re not going to slake your thirst with a Barolo. But what is so unappealing about drinking an excellent quality California Chardonnay in mid-August?


Chef Brian MacMenamin Debuts Club Car in Mamaroneck’s Historic Metro-North Station, a Trio of Seminars by James Beard Award Recipients at Westchester Magazine’s Wine & Food Weekend, Benziger Family Winery at Plates

Chef Brian MacMenamin has been around the Sound Shore for ages, since way back when his popular Larchmont Avenue Oyster House held the Chatsworth Avenue spot currently occupied by Chat 19. From there (in a daring move that shocked much of his Larchmont fan base), MacMenamin moved to New Rochelle’s large Plastic Works building off I-95.


A Restaurant Critic at the All You Can Eat Buffet (AKA Texas de Brazil); Wine for Jugheads by The Study in Greenwich; and the Elemental Pleasures of Texture at The Cookery

I’m just going to put it out there: All you can eat buffets scare me, and it’s not because of food safety—it’s because I find them filled with tension. The way that I see it, and AYCE buffet is financial football, with some diners viewing the buffet as a way to get more than they pay for. In opposition, the restaurateurs are trying to profit from diners with defensive moves that preserve the slim margins to be made with food. Generally, it’s a sport that renders food quality the loser.


H Mart Opens in Hartsdale, Cocktail Historian David Wondrich to Lead a Modern Mixology Seminar at Westchester Magazine’s Wine & Food Weekend, and Surprisingly Delicious Food-Court Soba Noodles

To be honest, March 23’s Hartsdale debut of H Mart was a little bit scary—and that’s not just because H Mart’s fish tanks hold saurian lobsters, snow crabs, and live, writhing eels. H Mart is frightening because it suddenly makes Westchester’s small, neighborhood Korean and Japanese markets feel irrelevant. Basically, this new Central Avenue store is giant, comprehensive, and taking no prisoners.

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