Chin Up!

I tried Ultherapy a few years ago, and while I loved the results, I’m not going to lie: it hurt a lot. But I just learned from Dr. Micheline Giovani that new studies show you can dial down the pain factor and still get the same results. “The ultrasound directs energy to muscles to lift and tighten the skin,” she explains. “The heat energy causes a thermal injury that helps build collagen—the substance that makes skin look more youthful.” While you do see an immediate lift, it takes three to six months for optimal results. “Most people opt for tightening the jaw line,” Giovani says. “And the FDA just approved a new protocol to use Ultherapy for the neck to help get  rid of those annoying lines.” Price for the lower face and neck is $2,500; full face is $3,500 (check for frequent specials) at Advanced Laser and Medical Spa of Rye (262 Purchase St, 914-921-2506;

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