Space NK’s Deep-Cleaning Mini-Facial

Wake up dull skin with a custom-tailored tutorial.

Call it sacrilege, but we’ve harbored a fear of full-on facials ever since a high school classmate showed up in first period looking like she’d been scrubbed raw with a coral sponge. (Words like “extraction” and “peel” still make us squeamish.) So it was with caution that we ventured a mini facial at Space.NK.apothecary in Scarsdale proper (on the same semicircle as LF), on a high-humidity evening that made our pores even further indisposed to close inspection.

Thankfully, “mini” was just what they shrank back to after the refreshing, lightning-fast cleansing ministrations. We sat right in the spotless, brightly lit British beauty sanctuary, among the evenly spaced Diptyque-candle and bespoke-potion displays, while a gorgeous little nymph (whose own flawless skin belied her mother-of-a-nine-year-old age) applied a sumptuous, waterless Darphin purifying balm before gently brushing away end-of-day remnants with one of those electric Clarisonic brushes, pictured, skincare gurus swear by (more fun than effort, truly). To finish, a need-specific serum and custom-selected moisturizer left the surface supple, and noticeably glow-y.

We imagine this kind of zeroed-in attention is routine for celebs, but even if you’re not being put up at the Beverly Hills Hotel anytime soon, or manic when it comes to treating your skin right, being able to say truthfully this summer that, no, you’re not wearing any makeup, is reason for even lazy ladies to get excited about perfecting their complexion.

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