Make Up For Ever’s Lip Line Perfector

Clear liner works as a barrier to bleeding color.

In a veritable Why didn’t we think of that? moment this weekend, we stumbled upon a concept that, well, we still wish we had: “invisible” lip liner. For those of you (or your mothers-in-law) stuck in the ’90s era of heavy, high-contrast line drawing, step away from the muddy, mismatching pencils.

Make Up For Ever, a brand that lives up to its long wear-suggesting name, brings us into the here and now with their Lip Line Perfector ($19), a colorless wonder that, instead of telling the world you couldn’t see very well while trying to match your Chanel rouge to a drugstore liner, keeps color, no matter the shade, where it belongs.

Thin-tipped and creamy, it’s easy to use for bold-lip beginners and a thrifty buy for adventuring into this season’s pinks and oranges. Besides inhibiting unwanted border crossings, the Perfector fills in fine lines, hydrates, and primes to prevent feathering. Stash one in your graduation-weekend travel case for an all day, picture-ready pout. We trust you’ve thought out the waterproof mascara. 

Available at Sephora at The Westchester in White Plains and Ridge Hill in Yonkers;

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