Be Transformed

We know that Canyon Ranch is a leader in the spa industry, but now its branched out with a skincare line called Canyon Ranch Your Transformation, the result of 25 years of research. The magic ingredient is something the company calls ProNAD, which is a 12-hour continuous-release form of Niacin, the vitamin essential for healthy skin (you can also get it in mushrooms). It stimulates the skin’s natural repair process while strengthening the skin’s barrier, which thins as we age. A blend of ceramides boosts the skin’s moisture retention and antioxidants reduce free-radical damage and even out skin tone. Interesting side note: this line was developed in conjunction with award-winning University of Arizona scientists and the ProNAD technology was selected by the National Cancer Institute for study as a possible skin caner prevention agent. Now that’s what we call transforming!

Age Transforming Concentrate Serum, $150; available at

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