What Happened During Martha Stewart's Reddit AMA

And what we learned.

Photo: themarthablog.com

Along with appearing on Late Night with rapper Lil’ Jon (of “Crunk Juice” fame), blogging about farm life in Bedford-Katonah, and dominating Pinterest (her works include a cake Bible, after all)—Martha Stewart found the time to participate in a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) earlier this month. Topics covered: the best apples for baking, how often she changes her sheets, prison nicknames, and sex in the tub.

The domestic-empire owner’s refreshing openness, and good humor, about Snoop Dogg and tacos gave my admiration for her (minus that whole incarceration thing) a new facet—I’d previously presumed her frigid, like a strict Girl Scout troop leader to all of us would-be bakers and homemakers still in training. In tribute, here are five things from the branding queen I need in my life right this second: 

1. This home workspace of my dreams, outfitted with everything from her home-office collection at Staples (obsessed)

2. These cylindrical salt and pepper containers handpicked from her American Made collective of independent US goods-makers

3. This cupcake-carrier—to save the Betty-Crocker-buttercream frosting on my office-potluck contributions—and these glass storage containers, to make leftovers more appealing (I already have and love this and this.)

4. The glitter pack of all Etsy-seller-wannabes’ glitter packs

5. This handy dog-grooming tote (an adorable gift for a new pet owner)


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