Ped Egg: Is it All that it’s Cracked up to Be?

Consider the ubiquitous PedEgg, available at mass retailers everywhere for about $10 and promising to “give your feet the incredible baby soft look and feel.” It’s shaped like an egg and has a micro-file on one end that scrapes away calluses (think very fine cheese grater) with an emery buffing pad on the other. To lessen the yuck factor, skin shavings collect inside the egg.

Does it work? I received one a few months back and tried it as prescribed, on dry skin. I gave it a go, but since my feet were months away from having to be presentable, it was a half-hearted go and I wasn’t wowed.

Fast forward to the first Flip-Flop-Friendly Day. I didn’t have the time to run out for a pedicure, or the inclination to spend $30-plus on one. So I returned to my PedEgg and worked on my calluses in earnest. And guess what? It worked—not as well as a spa pedicure—but it does the trick for making your feet look presentable.

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