New Alternative to Dry Shampoo: Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray

This fix gives flat hair volume and hold on those days between washes

It’s a vicious cycle: You wash, have a fluffy, fabulous mane until about 2 pm, then that lifeless, oil-induced thing starts to happen at the roots, and, in the current wave of humidity, there’s some frizz on top of the flatness.

You promised your stylist you wouldn’t shampoo every day—strips the hair of good-for-it natural oil, they keep saying—but you just can’t shake that “Does my hair smell?” feeling. So it’s wash, wear (more grease, more flatness), and do it all over again.

Of course, I’ve dabbled in dry shampoos, but frankly, always still felt icky after. Powder formulas left telltale chalky trails on my deep-dark locks and invariably caused a nose-wrinkling, floral-slash-dirty-hair parfum to emanate from my tresses.

Oribe calls their Dry Texturizing Spray, on the other hand, an “alternative” to dry shampoo. With a light spritz, alcohol and “patented polymers” zap oil at the scalp while simultaneously creating volume and hold. Lighter than beach spray or pomade, the texturizing element finesses mussed-as-desired (think Blake to Bardot) ’dos that last all day/overnight.

A purse-sized bottle is perfect for reviving styles between day and dinner, but, if you’re serious about everyday blowout-mileage and lasting lift, go for the big can at Numi & Company in Scarsdale. 

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