Bull’s-eye! Target Introduces Premium Skincare

The best from Borghese; a brand that blends wine and beauty (duh); and the coolest new thing in BB creams.

Says intrepid Westchester Magazine editorial intern Anna Hobart, reporting from the front lines at Target’s premium-skincare preview event in NYC last week:

Rolling out in stores beginning in March, Target’s spring 2014 luxury skincare lines—a first for the retailer—are either made exclusively for the mass-market superstore, or pulled from the seven featured companies’ coveted original collections. All offerings, of both the dermatological and specialty-skincare type, will range from $8 to $55. 

Although I wasn’t able to meet Target’s bull-terrier mascot, Bullseye, at the launch, I did find some great products. Here are a few of my favorites:

Brand/Line: 29 by Lydia Mondavi

Product: D’Vine Day Cream SPF 30 ($20)

Not only did 29’s story of creating skin-savers from grape seeds and wine byproduct grab my attention, I also loved how their products are made to be used during the day, without messing up makeup. Their new day cream with SPF can be applied after my morning application has worn off, and since I have to walk twenty minutes from work to the train station, now my fair complexion won’t get burnt to a crisp.

Brand/Line: Borghese Age-Defying Cellulare Complex

Product: Exfoliate Facial Scrub ($16)

I’m a sucker for scrubs. I use the same one every day, but I may switch it up once this hits the shelf. A Borghese rep told me she spent so long working on the smell alone, lifting one scent and dropping another. All that time was worth it—subtle and lovely, this facial exfoliator will put you in the right mood to start the day off.

Brand/Line: Laneige

Product: BB Cushion (available in three shades; $34) 

This product caught my eye, not because of its high-end look, but because there isn’t anything out there like it right now. Instead of the typical cream in a tube, this BB takes the form of a cushion filled with complexion-correcting serum that is applied like a compact powder. Not only will it cover and smooth skin, it will hydrate it, which helps big time during the changing of the seasons. This is one makeup-bag item to keep your eye on. 

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