Dermatologist Approved: Goldfaden MD Skincare

This new beauty brand uses natural ingredients to reveal youthful, healthier-looking skin (where you wouldn’t expect).

In a day and age when a trip to the cold-and-flu aisle at CVS (plus the requisite/neurotic Google search) is a common sub-in for an in-person medical appointment, it’s not surprising that many of us haven’t had an actual face-to-face with our ever-sage skin-specialty docs since before WebMD was a thing (guilty as charged).

Enter Goldfaden MD, a new line of physician-strength skincare products created by Dr. Gary Goldfaden, a practicing—for upwards of 40 years—South Floridian dermatologist with an inclination for natural, no-Rx-needed ingredients, i.e. active plant complexes and antioxidant-rich botanicals, plus known anti-agers like retinol, glucosamine, and hyaluronic acid. (With zero alcohol, silicone, or gluten to spoil the mix.)

The line, inspired by in-office procedures, shines in its clean, yet un-clinical formulations, like the ultra-light, oil-, frangrance-, film-free SPF 30 mist (fragrance- and film-free), and the anti-aging plus brightening hand treatment ($38)—a forward-thinking cream that helps fade dark spots and reduces the appearance of fine lines while plumping, hydrating, and firming paws’ delicate epidermis.

Hurry up and hand over damaged, lusterless skin at Space NK in Scarsdale—doctor’s orders.   

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