Love Bites

Never in a million years would I have thought Kim Kardashian or Kanye West would come up in one of my blog posts. But when a Westchester-made product comes up in connection with Kim K’s recent and very public hickey, really, what choice did I have?


The Hickey Stick, a heavy-duty concealer, is the latest offering from G2 Organics, a green beauty product business founded by Westchester residents Cherie Corso and Marie Elena Lamari. Of course, it includes only natural or organic ingredients and is available in two shades, light and dark. $19 for two sticks at Nicholas Day Spa and Salon in Pelham (914-738-3838;; Tranquil Spirit Day Spa and Salon in New Rochelle (914-235-1432;; or A portion of all sales goes towards charities supporting cancer research.

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