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Paint Colors: Dos and Don’ts

How to choose the right color to complement your space.

Lighting Solutions from Lighting Consultant Chris Nichols of Bedford Lighting and Home

The chandelier over our dining-room table cast harsh shadows, even though it was on a dimmer, so I recently had it removed and installed wall sconces. They’re an improvement, but I’m still not getting the warm, flattering light I’m after. Is there a way to tell — before spending a bundle on fixtures and electricians — if the end result is going to be what you want? Any suggestions about how I can fix my sconces? — Tessa W., Harrison

Musty Cellar Problem

Eliminating Problem Bugs

Sofa Buying Guide: Kim Lewis, Interior Designer at Country Willow in Bedford Hills, NY, Explains How to Choose a Sofa

Advice on Repainting Water-Damaged Wood, from Jim Avery at Precision Painting of Westchester in White Plains, NY

Refinishing Concrete Floors

Ant Invasion

Cool Pool Decking

Kitchen Floor Choices

As is so often the case, it depends whom you ask. All agree that slate is a timeless, durable material that comes in a wide range of subtle, earthy colors. It’s usually less expensive than most other natural stone. It’s hypoallergenic and bacteria- and water-resistant. After that, opinions differ.

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