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How to Disguise a Brick Fireplace

Reinvent (or cover up) that vintage focal point to give your den a more modern look.

How to Clean Water-Stained Furniture

Bring the sheen back to your antique wood in a few easy steps.

Best Rug Choices for a Dining Room

How to pick an eye-catching, low-maintenance area rug.

How to Clean Bathroom Mold

How to remove — and prevent — unhealthy mildew and mold buildup.

A Cheap Bedroom Makeover

Affordable ways to update an old Victorian bedroom design.

Soundproofing Windows

Quiet the din to create your own personal sanctuary.

Can I Trust My Contractor?

How to tell if the professional you hired is worth your money … or taking you for a ride.

Deck Railings Dilemma

Your guide to repairing rickety railings.

What to Expect From a Home Inspection

What your home inspector is — and isn't — responsible for telling you about your new home.

Home Office Makeover

How to plan, step-by-step, your home office renovation.

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