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Paint Colors: Dos and Don’ts

How to choose the right color to complement your space.

Lighting Solutions from a Local Expert

Chris Nichols of Bedford Lighting and Home gives us some bright ideas for illuminating our living spaces.

How to Air Out a Musty Cellar

Older homes and even new ones can encounter some moisture problems. Here's what you can do to fix them.

Eliminating Problem Bugs

How to clear your home of unwelcome pests — humanely, when possible.

How to Pick the Perfect Sofa: A Buying Guide

Kim Lewis, interior designer at Country Willow in Bedford Hills, explains how to choose the right couch for you

Repainting Water-Damaged Wood

Jim Avery of Precision Painting of Westchester gives expert advice on when and how you can just repaint and when the job might be a bit ore involved.

Refinishing Concrete Floors

Ant Invasion

Cool Pool Decking

Kitchen Floor Choices

How to pick a material that will look good and stand up to wear and tear.

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