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Help! There Are Mice in the Stove!

What to do about cute but unwanted visitors warming themselves on your pilot lights.

How to Clean White Ironstone China

Get your old china gleaming like new.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

The pros and cons of that turn-of-the-century look, without any 100 year-old pitfalls.

How to Design: Victorian Meets Mid-Century

Combining eras for an eclectic design schema.

How Do You Clean a Handmade Quilt?

How to keep heirlooms and other aged textiles looking fresh and new.

How to Start A Beginner Vegetable Garden

Everything a first-time farmer needs to know.

How to Choose Driveway Surfacing

What to do when paving looks out of place.

How to Repaint Plastic Furniture

Save your outdoor pieces with a simple, one-step process.

How to Repaint Wicker Furniture

Save your porous pals with these east steps.

How to Choose A Storm Door: Pros and Cons

Protecting your front door and your pockets.

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