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A Wet Wine Cellar?

We live in an old house with an unfinished stone cellar I’d like to make part of it into a wine cellar, but it gets pretty damp down there after heavy rains.

Getting All-Clad All Clean Again

How do you get high-end pots and pans, like All-Clad, shiny again?

Lamp-Shady Business

Landscaping 101

We’re a young couple who just moved into our first house. It needs quite a lot of fixing up, and we have limited funds for landscaping right now, but we want to get started.

Seasonal Carpet Swap

I want to freshen my living room for the summer by rolling up the Oriental carpet and putting down something lighter. I think sisal might be too casual for my furnishings. Any suggestions?

Butcher-Block Makeover

Sun Ruining Your Upholstery? Cut the Glare!

What To Do With Popcorn Ceilings

Houseplants, Water and a Warped Windowsill. Help!

Spill-Proof Your Sofas and More

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