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Decorating the Foyer

We’re ex-Westchester residents who now live in a New York City classic-six apartment with the traditional big foyer.

Setting Up a Home Office

I’ve been working at home since I was laid off, and, as this looks like it may be long-term, I need a proper home office.

Living with Leather Furniture

We plan to buy a leather couch set, and we’re considering a lighter color like ivory. We’re worried about staining and upkeep, though

Curtain Call

While we were on vacation in England last fall, the owners of our bed and breakfast were switching their summery curtains for heavy, velvet ones

Feng Shui Can Combat Christmas Clutter

Every year around this time, my wife starts strewing Christmas stuff all over the house.

Updating with Upholstery

I collected my living-room furniture over time and it’s a mix of styles.

Thanksgiving Table Tips

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, and even though our dining room is big enough to hold the whole gathering...

Photo Finish: Hanging Family Pictures

I have dozens of family photographs in various sizes and frames. I’ve seen pictures in magazines of photos grouped on stairway walls and I’d like to do that with mine.

Furnishing a Foyer

All right, I admit it: We bought a McMansion during the dizzy days. Now, my husband and I are experiencing our own economic downturn.

How Do I Get Better-Tasting Water?

We have a deep well, and the water has a lot of iron and that rotten-egg-like sulfur smell. A water-softening system makes the water fine for laundry and bathing, but it doesn’t taste nice.

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