January 2012

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Free Home Decor Advice for the Westchester Homeowner

Soundproofing Windows

My daughter just bought her first apartment in a co-op. The one problem is that she’s on a busy street and there’s constant noise. What are the soundproofing options?


Can I Trust My Contractor?

Q: How do you know if your contractor is taking advantage of you? My contractor is a sweetheart, a perfectionist, and a seemingly hard worker. But the work was supposed to be completed last July — he now predicts March of this year. Every time he touches something it seems, oops, there’s a big problem that needs to be addressed. As a result our bill has more than doubled. The house is looking great, but...are we being taken?


Deck Railings Dilemma

Q: I have a problem with our deck railings. When it’s cold in winter, the wood contracts, so the vertical balusters don’t fit snugly into the horizontal handrail. Some have popped out. And the handrails themselves are also pulling out of the notches in the newel posts. I don't want to just put nails in there to hold them together, but what else I can do? – George A., Mohegan Lake