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How to Choose the Right Recliner

Some recliners can cost over $1,000, is it worth the money?

How to Choose the Best Natural Finish for a Wood Front Door

Shellac, spar varnish and various oils are all good choices, and all have varying levels of annual maintenance.

How to Clean Stainless-Steel Cooktops

Steer clear of Windex and paper towels and opt for white vinegar and a microfiber cloth.

How to Restore Corian Counters

Simple household remedies may suffice, but Westchester Kitchen and Bath's Jay Byrne offers his expert advice on sanding techniques.

How Do You Polish Silver?

How to get a quick and easy shine without damaging your good cutlery.

Hurricane Lanterns and Oil Lamps

The best vintage-style lamps for both form and function.

How to Choose Firewood: Softwood or Hardwood?

What burns more efficiently and does it really help you?

Removing Stains from a Hardwood Floor

Home remedies for when the store bought cleaners aren't getting the job done.

How to Update a Victorian Bathroom

Updating to a modern bath without losing the vintage vibe.

How to: One-Step Paint and Primer

Are all-in-one paint/primers really worth their hype?

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